Web development consultants


Established in 2011 in Manchester, we are web development consultants that have always prided ourselves on utilising the latest in technology to better aid our clients. We believe that an ongoing partnership with our clients is key to both their success with their customers and ours.

How we can help you

Drutek are web development consultants who can be used as an extra member of your team.

We offer multiple services which will benefit your business or agency. From end to end web projects through to live product support, training and ongoing security audits.

We believe that the key to a successful digital product depends on the following three aspects:



Quality, planning, documentation and performance are key. Our web development consultants will help you select the most ideal solutions utilising bespoke technology and open source tools which we hope will leave you with a product that will be built to the highest standards possible.



Websites and web applications are living products, always adapting and requiring change. We offer comprehensive support and maintenance packages, which will scale with your budget and project, to help you make the changes you need on your project on an ongoing basis.



The security of your application and hosting environment is crucial, especially when data security and integrity concerns are paramount.

We provide access to highly qualified security experts that can audit your existing site and provide penetration testing to ensure that you're well protected.